I'm a commercial photographer and branding specialist now living in Portland, Oregon and I'm very excited to be in the beautiful pacific northwest!
In my past as an industrial and graphic designer I was continually given the task to communicate a concept, product or brand that often relied heavily on custom imagery – It's in this type of photography that I am most passionate, producing images that bare emotion and provoke the viewer to take a deeper look into the heart of the subject whether it's a person, place or thing.
I come from an interdisciplinary creative design background and started my career with a BFA in industrial design from MCAD, I’ve been fortunate to be involved with every aspect of the commercial design process. I have an in-depth understanding of product development and brand identity. Recently I’ve been the CCO and co-founder of a tech startup introducing a new technology for interactive video, developing the backside and UI/UX of a successful app.  I’m skilled in Commercial Photography, Art Direction, Brand Development, Advertising, and Graphic Design, but most currently photography and the process of making a company's "image" has been greatly fulfilling, and to see my images being used on marketing and branding materials is one of the best rewards.   
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