I'm a commercial photographer and branding specialist now living in Portland, Oregon and I'm very excited to be in the beautiful pacific northwest!
In my past as an industrial and graphic designer I was continually given the task to communicate a concept, product or brand that often relied heavily on custom imagery – It's in this type of photography that I am most passionate, producing images that bare emotion and provoke the viewer to take a deeper look into the heart of the subject whether it's a person, place or product.
I come from an interdisciplinary creative design background and started my career with a BFA in industrial design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I’ve been fortunate to be involved with every aspect of the commercial design process. I have an in-depth understanding of product development and brand identity. Recently I’ve been the CCO and co-founder of a tech startup introducing a new technology for interactive video, developing the backside and UI/UX of a successful app.  I’m skilled in Commercial Photography, Art Direction, Brand Development, Advertising, and Graphic Design, but most currently photography and the process of making a company's "image" has been greatly fulfilling, and to see my images being used on marketing and branding materials is one of the best rewards!  
As a commercial photographer and branding specialist, I love concept driven projects that require attention to every detail producing a sharp finished product that ends up providing my clients with creative content setting them apart from the competition. 
Image making is more exciting then ever and I'm grateful to be shooting with high-end Nikon gear that can provide my clients with amazing color depth, resolution and clarity! 
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