I believe that images speak for themselves, that moments captured can inspire and intrigue.   
It was when I began my first year at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design that I realized how important photography was in the design world. Throughout my career in product design and marketing I've always had a camera close at hand. As a designer I was continually given the task to communicate an idea, identity or brand that often relied heavily on custom imagery. It's in this type of photography that I find the most attractive, images that bear emotion and provoke the viewer to look deeper into a subject and see it's beauty. 
I've recently decided to concentrate my creative energy towards producing high quality photography full-time.  
My interest in photography first began when I was 14 in the coastal waters of Southern California. The abundant life that I saw snorkeling in the kelp forests was probably the most beautiful marvel I had ever laid my eyes on. It was then that I decided to take up photography.  
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